THOR 660


    THOR 660: BAND SAWING MACHINES > SEMI-AUTOMATIC > DOUBLE COLUMN 0° cuts, suitable for metals, ferrous & non-ferrous materials to cut solid / structural – section round / square / rectangular / hollow tubes at 0°

    – Machine designed to suit bi-metal as well as TCT (carbide tipped) blade.
    – “user friendly” programming cycles
    – Automatic down feed regulator to control excess feed depending upon cutting material condition.
    – Automatic height setting of Saw Head depending on material size.
    – Built in coolant tank powered with High Flow Coolant pump and flow nozzle with Tap control to clean better the blade granting so a longer life.
    – Automatic Hydraulic blade tension regulation on preset stretching force and tension release when machine not in use.
    – Blade moves on graded cast iron wheels. Driver wheel on specially designed spindle of worm reduction gear box.
    – Hydraulic powered cleaning wire brush to clean better the blade granting so a longer life.
    – Auger chip conveyor complete of container grants better operational conditions, longer life of the sawing machine, reducing machining time and avoiding so interruption of manufactoring process for manual disposal of scraps.
    – Electrical control panel with push button, emergency stop button, main isolator, PLC, VFD, step down transformer, auxiliary contractor, cable connector and connector with fuses.
    – Hydraulic valve and feed pressure adjustment valves are fitted on control panel for easy operation.
    – Moving blade guide mounted on rigid construction slide way arrangement which is attached to the moving vice to make machine foolproof and automatically adjust as per the bar size.
    – Heavy duty steel welded structure – torsion free construction to cut vibrations giving max stability to the saw and consequently accurate cuts and longer blade life.
    – Working light to light up the working area.
    – Split vice for rigid clamping and burr free cuts: split main vice helps in holding the job on both sides of cutting.
    – Blade guides preciously machined and fitted with replaceable carbide pads and anti-friction bearings for smooth up-down movements of cutting head (blade).
    (Cutting head guided in to vertical high precision Linear Motion Guide Bearing for higher productivity and longer blade life.)
    (Hand operated lubrication system for vertical columns bearings.)
    – Electric motor is coupled to the gear box. Saw Blade speed change through variable frequency drive (INVERTER) for optimum productivity and tool life.
    – Hydro Mechanical sensor to adjust feed without operator involvement depending upon material type, hardness and cross – section.
    – LATEST GENERATION HYDRAULIC POWER PACK, WITH HIGH EFFICIENCY AND LOW CONSUMPTION. Separate hydraulic power pack and tank for easy maintenance.
    – Infinitely variable pressure controlled cutting feed and upward return rapid movement by hydraulic cylinder.
    – Auto height stop on return stroke of cutting head.
    – Infinitely variable Feed Control Valve. Hydraulic automatic feed regulation to adjust in automatic head feed rate according to size and hardness of material.
    – Automatic machine stop if blade breaks.
    – Hydraulically operated main vice with double acting hydraulic cylinder.
    – Blade guide united with vice granting a self-adjustment according to size of material.
    – Fast approach device grant a quick descent of the sawhead very close to the material, reducing so the cycletime and blade demages indipendently to the size of the material.
    – Fast approach blade device to optimize productivity.
    – Ergonomical machine designed provides ample space for bladechange, regular check up and preventive maintenance.

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