Shark 460 KONNECT, dual column automatic band saw suitable for cutting fabrication, stainless and alloy steel, solid and profile, with max size of 460x460mm.

    Dual column automatic band saw SHARK 460 KONNECT is the right solution in case high precision and accuracy is required on large size materials.

    • Structure in grey cast iron G25, reducing drastically vibrations, grant a better stability and longer blade life.
    • Panel PC control, Quad core 2.0 GHz, 8 GB Ram, WINDOWS 10 and 17″ touchscreen display with user-friendly graphic interface, which supports the operator in the preparation, optimization and processing of machining orders.
    • “Operator-free” operation: with the self-positioning of the operating head and the vices, the automatic management of the scrap and the facing cut, the machine operation is fully automated, thus minimizing the operator’s programming and intervention times.
    • Saw head powered by servo motor, mounted on dual post and linear guides with pre-loaded ball bearings on a ø 40mm screw, granting a continuous check and correction of cutting parameters in real time. Two hydraulic cylinders balance the saw head for a great stability during the cut.
    • Hydraulic power pack to power feeding and cutting vices with possibility to adjust clamping pressure.
    • Feeding system with 600mm (23″) single stroke (repeatable to cut any length): cast iron body structure, stepper motor, screw drive on pre-loaded opposed conical ball bearings for max rigidity of the system granting an accurate and precise saw head positioning. Floating feeding vice to feed also not straight bars.
    • Minimum bar remnant of 120 mm in automatic operation. (OPTIONAL feeder jaws to reduce the remnant to min. 30 mm)
    • Driving pulley locked by conical clamping ring to ensure a strong fastening still allowing axial adjustment.
    • Low voltage control panel installed on a rotating arm to reach the positions to operate safely still keeping the visual control.
    • Adjustable steel blade-guide heads, with roller and carbide pads, coolant taps for the traditional lubrication and preset to install the mist lubrication (OPTIONAL).
    • Idler pulley movement from the keyboard to replace the band easily.
    • Automatic adjustment of the front blade-guide head according to the dimensions of the bars to be cut.
    • Blade deviation.
    • Work lamp and Laser projector to position the bar accurately to carry out non-standard or facing cuts.
    • Band rotation control with stop in real time in case of blade jammed.
    • Band rotation control with stop in real time in case of blade jammed.
    • Coolant tank incorporated in the base.
    • Two coolant pumps to ensure high cutting liquid quantities (120 l/min) to cool down the band and wash up chips from the working area, soas to guarantee a longer blade life.
    • Wash gun to clean the working area.
    • Blade brush.
    • Chip conveyor.
    • Sound and flashing indicator for machine alarms.
    • Machine preset for being handled also with lift truck.
    • Bimetallic band for profiles and solid pieces.
    • Service keys and instructions manual, for maintenance and spare parts list.


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