Privacy Statement


In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to personal data processing

The processing of data concerning legal entities is not within the scope of application of the controls to protect personal data provided by the Regulation. For the purposes of clarity and transparency towards its Clients and Suppliers, MEP S.p.A. provides this information also to legal entities, describing the methods and purposes of all processing that the Company carries out or is authorised to carry out on personal data.



In accordance with art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, MEP S.p.A. (hereinafter “the Company”), with registered office in via Brera 3 – 20121 Milano (MI), Italy and administrative office in via E. Magnani 1 – 61045 Pergola (PU), Italy, which may be contacted for the exercise of the rights granted by the regulations in force at the address of the office or via e-mail, Data Controller for the personal data already communicated or which will be communicated in the future at the premises of which the personal data is or will be collected, wishes to inform you that the data which concerns you may be subject to processing, in observance of the regulations referred to above, on the part of the Company in relation to the contractual relationships existing with you or that may be maintained in the future.


1) Source of personal data

The personal data, acquired or which will be acquired in relation to contractual relationships, is collected directly from the data subject. All personal data collected is processed in observance of the regulations in force and, in any case, with due confidentiality.


2) Nature of collection

For the stipulation and continuance of the contractual relationship, the collection of personal data also has a mandatory nature, given the need to fulfil legal and tax obligations; refusal to provide such personal data will make it impossible to establish relationships with the Company. This processing does not require the consent of the data subject.


3) Purpose of the processing and legal basis of the processing

The collection or processing of the personal data has the sole purpose of adequately fulfilling the obligations connected to performing the economic activity of the Company and in particular for:

  1. the performance of pre-contractual activities and acquisition of preliminary information for the purpose of stipulating the contract;
  2. the management of the contractual relationship and of all activities of an administrative, operational, management and accounting nature concerning the contract (order management, invoicing, checks on the reliability of the suppliers);
  3. the management of legal disputes, breach of contract, injunctions, settlements, arbitration, litigation;
  4. the fulfilment of obligations envisaged by laws, regulations, EU regulations and orders from authorities.

Processing is carried out pursuant to the fulfilment of the contractual/pre-contractual and legal obligations connected with the relationship you establish with the Company.


4) Nature of provision and consequence of any refusal          

The provision of personal data to the Company is mandatory solely for the personal data for which a regulatory or contractual obligation to that effect is envisaged, that is, for the personal data necessary to acquire pre-contractual information activated upon request of the data subject. In the event of refusal to provide such “mandatory” personal data, the contact may not be fully executed. Any refusal to provide personal data of which provision is not mandatory, but which is strictly connected to the continuance of the contractual relationships will not in principle have any consequences in relation to existing relationships, except for potential impossibility of pursuing the operations connected with such personal data or the impossibility of establishing new relationships. Any refusal to provide personal data connected to the performance of further activities, not strictly linked to the continuance of contractual relationships, may only prevent the performance of such further activities without other consequences.


5) Processing methods

The processing of personal data will be carried out lawfully, correctly and in any case in compliance with the regulations referred to above, through tools suitable for guaranteeing security and confidentiality, and it may also be carried out through computers suited to storing, managing and transmitting the data itself.

The processing will be carried out mainly by the internal organisation of the company under the direction and control of the assigned company departments and for purposes indicated previously, also by group Companies or third parties, as identified in the following point 8.

The retention of the personal data shall take place in a form that permits the identification of the data subject for a period of time no greater than that necessary for the purposes for which it is collected and processed.


6) Duration of processing

The personal data subject to processing will be retained for the time strictly necessary with reference to the contractual relationship, as well as, subsequently, for the performance of all the legal obligations connected or deriving from the contract you have stipulated with the Company.


7) Recipients of personal data

Without prejudice to the communications made to perform an obligation of law, of regulations or of EU regulations and those within the group, communication, also simply through consultation or provision of the personal data concerning you, may occur towards the following parties:

  1. supervisory bodies and organisations, authorities or public institutions;
  2. Companies within the MEP S.p.A. Group, subsidiaries or companies connected to our Company, located in Italy or abroad;
  3. natural persons or legal entities that provide specific services: data processing, logistical and postal services, Customer satisfaction level surveys, legal, administrative, tax and/or accounting consulting, organisation of trade fairs and communications events;
  4. commercial intermediaries, banks and credit institutions, financial intermediation Companies, natural persons or legal entities appointed for credit recovery, auditing and/or certification of financial statements and quality systems, self-employed collaborators with the company, agents and field representatives, insurance agents and brokers;
  5. natural persons and/or legal entities that request references/data for the purposes of participation in public tenders, or in the area of performing supply contracts towards MEP S.p.A.’s own clients.

The parties referred to in point a), d) and e) operate in the capacity of autonomous Data Controllers.

We assure you that, in any case, the parties mentioned receive the transfer solely of, if not aggregate anonymised personal data, the personal data necessary and relevant with the respect to the purposes of processing for which they are appointed.

The list of these third parties will be kept constantly up to date and available to you upon request to the Company. By virtue of the existence of connections with these third parties through means of remote transmission, computers or correspondence, the personal data may be made available abroad, potentially also in countries outside of the EU in consideration of the existence of the corresponding authorisation, or on the basis of standard contractual clauses.

The personal data will not in any case be distributed.


8) Rights of the data subject

You retain your right to exercise the rights of access to personal data envisaged by art. 15 of EU regulation 2016/679 and the rights envisaged by art. 16, 17, 18, and 21 of EU Regulation 2016/679 concerning the rectification, deletion, limitation of processing and right to object, according to the methods established by art. 12 of EU Regulation 2016/679.


9) Right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Authority pursuant to art. 77 of EU Regulation

Should our Company not provide a response within the time frame envisaged by the regulations or should you not deem the response to the exercise of your rights adequate, you may lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority.

The details are below:

Italian Data Protection Authority

Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121 – 00186 Roma, Italy –

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