The adventure of Mep starts in Pergola (PU) in 1964 when its founder Enzo Magnani, in his small mechanical workshop, builds the first high-speed saw with an abrasive disc called TV 300. This would turn up as an entrepreneurial intuition and as coincidence the same year MEP was founded, the acronym of Magnani Enzo Pergola.

The 70’s gave birth to MEP SPA that then became today’s joint stock company introducing in the market the first semiautomatic models ( like the TRL 300 P).

In the 80’s Mep technology progressed rapidly both in the mechanical and electronic field giving birth to the first automatic sawing machines which allowed an automatic feed of the bar.

The real turn around for Mep began in the 90’s when band sawing machines were produced and commercialized. These would complete the entire range of MEP sawing machines.

This gradual but constant evolution would bring, in 2000, the passage of Mep from a “local” company to a “global” competitor following the acquisition of a firm by means of a private equity fund related to Aksia Group SGR which contributed significantly to the internationalization of the company and creating MEPGroup.

In 2007 after many years of lucrative collaboration in the north American market, MEP acquired entirely the Canadian company HYDMECH in order to satisfy the demand of more performing and bigger sawing machines to cut full material of larger dimensions.In 2008, after 5 years of experience on the local market participating with a joint venture, MEP SUZHOU was born, entirely managed from MEP, located 80km west of SHANGHAI, destined to oversee the largest manufacturing market in the world.

In 2012 another branch enters in MEPGroup: MEP DO BRASIL, a sales channel and after sales service which permitted MEP to enter the brasilian market in order to take the opportunity and consolidate its  presence in South America.

Today MEPGroup is present with manufacturing plants in Italy, Canada, USA and Cina where machines are produced , distributed in over 50 nations and able to satisfy all requirements from a vast category of customers.

MEP SpA Socio Unico - Sede: Via Enzo Magnani, 1 - 61045 Pergola (PU) - R.imprese, C.F. e P.Iva 13051480153 Cap. Sociale Eur 10.372.791,00 int. vers.